I have been interested in Photography for a long time. My first camera was called Debonair and it looked like a Holga clone.

http://www.flickr.com/photos/dingadingdang/207217018/  It took 120 film and could take 12 exposures from one roll of film!

Since then I was hooked in to this passion, I used to develop and print BW in my home made studio while I was in Sri Lanka.

Photography has come a long way since then. Today I shoot all digital (Who doesn’t?) and I store them in Aperture. My work flow is very simple and I do use Photoshop and HDR techniques to bring the picture I saw when I took the photograph.

I didn’t want to box myself in to any particular area and I am willing to give a go on variety of subjects and techniques. 

If you are interested in these photos and would like to talk anything related to photography please contact me  nandanads@yahoo.co.uk

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Links to websites that helped me to improve my photography

ISO 1200


Joe Mcnally